When is stripping necessary: Get an expert guide

When is stripping necessary: Get an expert guide 06Aug, 2019

Stripping is the most essential method in furniture restoration but sometimes it has some limitations. The process actually depends upon the condition of the furniture. In this blog, we are going to discuss when a restoring expert can strip your furniture or skip the process. Let’s start the discussion in brief.

We Strip Furniture If:

Your furniture has been previously painted: If your furniture has been previously painted and you would like to restore or refurbish that piece back to its original look, we strip away the paint by using a chemical paint stripper. This is a simple process. Firstly, we apply the stripper on the painted surface of your furniture. After 20 minutes, we remove the paint from furniture by using a plastic scraper. However, we apply another coat of chemical stripper, if required.

It is beaten up or scratched: Stripping idea is very good if your furniture is really beat up or scratched. Chemical stripper helps to remove any kind of scratch on the surface.

You need to change color: As we discussed, we generally use a stripper to remove or strip away the old paint of your furniture. So, if you would like to change its color and shade then stripping is the best option to do. A stripper can easily remove the previous paint from the furniture.

We Don’t Strip If:

You furniture have got dents only: If you want to remove dents from your furniture then stripping is not necessary. You can remove dents by using iron and steam.

Lots of wood fillers are required: If your furniture has lots of cracks, gouges or chips then wood filler is required instead of stripping. Wood filler is the simplest way to repair furniture. For this process to be a success, you firstly need to remove wood splinters and paint chips from the surface. After that, you have to sand down the entire area and remove debris. Once done, you should apply the filler and fill it gently on the surface. After 8 to 10 hours, the filler will be dried and only then you need to sand down the surface smoothly. Finally, you should apply a primer if you would like to paint it.

Now, you know when the stripping is necessary for your furniture. If you want to restore your old furniture then you should get the help of a proper furniture restoration service. In Hobart, Adams Furniture Restorations is one of the best company who offers budget-friendly wood repairing and restoration services. So call experts at Adams Furniture Restoration if you need to repair and restore your furniture.

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