Upholstery Restoration

Upholstery Restoration

Founded in 1984, Adams Furniture is currently one of the oldest upholstery restoration workshops in Hobart. Your furniture upholstery has got damaged due to wear-and-tear or due to pets, and you might be thinking of getting something new. Do not give up on your furniture yet, Adams Furniture can help you out in repairing the upholstery of your beloved furniture. Rips, cuts and scratches can be repaired with professional quick fixes to keep the furniture strong for further use. Instead of paying for an expensive reupholstering job or replacing your sofa, consider upholstery repair.

A sofa and upholstered chair come with numerous components which include support, frame and paddings like upholstery foam or down and fabric to cover it all. Upholstery repair fixes all the damage in the upholstery fabric and you will require no padding, no support or frame.

Whenever you have a damage to your furniture, you need a fix. No matter you get either ink stain or a wine stain or a dog and cat scratch, Adams Furniture can repair it in no time. Our couch upholstery services involve reupholstering and leather repairs.

Adams Furniture has the furniture repair experts to repair your chair or couch. We are performing the upholstery repair services in Hobart and Channel Regions for over two decades and we are respected for our excellence and first-rate craftsmanship. Contact us and know how e can help you with upholstery services. Get your chair fixed today!

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