French Polishing

French Polishing

Adams Furniture has been providing professional French polishing services in Hobart and Channel Regions for more than 30 years. It is a wood finishing technique that is used to protect and bring out the natural beauty of the wood. French polishing involves applying many thin coats of materials called shellac which is dissolved in alcohol using a rubbing pad lubricated with oil.

Here at Adams Furniture, we offer excellent customer care service and a friendly professional french polish, wood finish and wood repair and restoration services to all. Bring your old dingy wooden decor piece to our store, our skilled craftsmen make use of both modern and traditional finishing techniques and will transform your furniture from a junk to treasured antiques.

A traditional French polish finish offers an aesthetic wood finish for the period and antique furniture, and with the French polishing service, we will provide a full furniture repair and restoration services and will provide you with a timeless wood finish.

Our contemporary stray finishes can transform your wood, MDF surface or kitchen with a hand wearing or colourful lacquer in either gloss or matt. Adams Furniture undertakes all aspects of French polishing and restoration work including the following:

  • Antique furniture and modern furniture
  • Re-canning
  • Bar tops, restaurant tables
  • Stripping and refinishing of panelling
  • New staircases, new doors and panelling
  • Staining and colour matching
  • Touching in scratches, removal of surface damage
  • Aftercare and maintenance

To find out more what we offer, contact us, we will love to hear from you.

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