Dining Chair Recovers And Restoration

Dining Chair Recovers And Restoration

Bring a new look to your dining chairs with our wide range of dining chairs fabrics and recovering upholstery. With over 40 years of experience in craftsmanship, our furniture restoration experts have established a leading reputation for excellence. Our approach to dining chair repairs respects the integrity & history of each piece, whilst producing first-class results. We combine in-depth knowledge of traditional furniture making techniques with the latest restoration technology. Our skilled team provides all types of traditional & contemporary dining chairs in Hobart. We also specialise in mid-century dining furniture restoration & upholstery. 

What we do?

Structural Restoration

Restoring dining chairs with missing or damaged sections using common techniques like wood carving & wood turning. Wherever possible, our restorers mainly use matching timber & components of the same quality & age.

Surface Restoration

We restore dining chairs with worn-out surfaces & finishes through French polishing, waxing, colouring with chemicals & water dyes, oiling, etc. Our experts also treat dining chairs manufactured from or veneered with several materials such as metal, boulle work & vellum.

Restoring Furniture Elements

Our professional restorers are also experts in replacing or restoring broken elements of dining chairs such as handles, joints, etc. We assure accurate dining chair recovers or replacement to our customers.

We aim to make the best possible finish on each project that we cover. We can manage any project, from dining chairs, sofas & armchairs, to larger installations such as banquette seating & upholstered panels. Ring us to get the best quality services.

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