Furniture Restoration And Repairs

Furniture Restoration And Repairs

Adams furniture is a full-service furniture repair and restoration company serving Hobart and Channel Regions for three decades. Our expertly trained craftsmen offer exceptional services for furniture restoration, custom furniture design for your business and home, so you can stay in a peace of mind that your beloved furniture is in skilful hands. At Adams Furniture, we pay attention to every detail, we make sure that each piece is handled with care and gets completed with expert craftsmanship. With our expert repair service, you can be assured that you and your prized pieces will get the top-notch customer care and custom, handcrafted furniture restoration and repairs.

Typical services offered by our furniture restoration specialists include wood furniture repair, commercial furniture repair and disaster furniture restoration.

Specific repair and restoration services offered by furniture experts include:

Finishing/Restoration: Restore your wooden decor piece and bring back the glory with the aid of our expert craftsmanship, repair all the wear and the tear and the minor surface damage. Colour change services and the colour matching services are offered all at the same time.

Minor Damage Repair: Repair scratches, nicks, dents, gouges and the stains.

Adjustment: Repair broken parts and structural damage of your furniture piece with glueing.

Disaster Furniture Restoration: Remove the burns, watermarks and all the related damages caused by fire, smoke, vandalism and water.

Your home or business decor furniture piece is a large investment and the best way you can protect it by handling it to the professionals. Our skilled craftsmen will restore your furniture to its pristine condition at a fraction of the cost of replacing it. Contact us today to find a furniture restoration and repair expert near you.

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