Caning is a procedure which involves weaving chair seats and other furniture either by building a new chair or repairing the age-old chair. Your cane furniture products may be one of your family heirlooms having cherished memories attached with them. Though techniques of chair caning are even practised today, however, the quality is not at all good. At Adams furniture, we have the skilled expertise to handle the re-caning of your chairs and fix any issues with your products. Bring your furniture piece to our expert craftsmen, we will re-scan your furniture and will bring a new life to it.

We offer a wide array of furniture restoration services at an affordable price which includes furniture repair and refinishing alongside chair caning. Our skilled craftsmen are challenged by many ways but we deliver repair, restore, refinish and re-cane furniture services to a level unmatched by any commercial restoration shops.

Our furniture repair and restoration services are best known throughout Hobart and Channel Regions for craftsmanship, quality and reasonable pricing. Our experts are ready to take on any project from minor repairs to extensive restorations, including painting, sanding, finishing and painting of all types of furniture. Adams Furniture has been in the business for long 34 years helping the private clients and the business customers with cane chair repair and other furniture restoration services. We can even come to your home to inspect the condition of your cane chair, or you can bring that your beloved piece to our store. Get some more information by contacting us. We will provide you with some more information on how we can restore your chairs and offer you the excellent customer service Adams Furniture is known for years.

Recaning of seats with glue, rattan and spline to secure.

  • We have a fixed prices of $150 for one seat, and $130 each for two or more.
  • We also use rattan strips for rebinding.
  • We can facilitate most repairs to rattan furniture.
  • We can recoat them with a finish of your choice.

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