Frequently Asked Questions

Do you strip furniture at your workshop?

Yes. We are providing paint stripping services. Even we are removing old polish by using the modified methods. But it does not mean dipping in caustic baths, since we are not using caustic bath methods to strip furniture. We take up stripping by hand, which might be a labor-intensive process with the least involved risks of damaging the furniture.

How long does it take to restore furniture?

Every two project is not the same. Timelines will never be the same for two furniture to be restored. We follow the "first-come, first-serve" rule for the sake of our customers. However, we try to give the approximate timelines based on the restoration length and the current projects at hand. However, we might not be able to guarantee the timelines will be accurate.

Is it possible to refinish veneered furniture?

Yes, the veneered furniture can be refinished, but not dipped. But the newer pieces veneered over particle board or MDF, have to be refinished in a certain way.  The older furniture veneered over a solid wood substrate can be easily refinished. A few of the nicest furniture has veneer done on it. Veneer is excellent for fancy pieces, which date back to the earliest furniture construction years. Veneer infact makes furniture look magnificent.

Are you reupholstering furniture?

We do reupholster all-size furniture. Re-upholstery is the alternative to refinishing or for exposed wood repairs.

Is it possible to re-cane chairs to match the original colors and weave?

Yes, we are re-caning chairs, stools, and tables. We use caning weaves of different raw cane patterns. We finish the project with attention to detail and craftsmanship. Consult with us to clarify other re-canning questions you might have.

Can my dining table be recovered if it has been damaged during a recent move?

Yes we shall recover your dining table. We shall rebuild the dining table, joinery, its broken parts if any, and the damaged finishes, and reinforce the structural components.

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