Furniture Finishing

Furniture Finishing

Adams Furniture specialises in residential, government and commercial furniture refinishing services. With over 30 years of experience in staining, colouring and respraying furniture of sizes and shapes, we work with you to finish new furniture and bring life to all those furniture pieces. Having years of experience and a dedicated approach towards quality, Adams Furniture is the company to choose.

We offer door pickup and delivery service throughout Hobart and Channel Regions. Traditional furniture that lasts up to 100 years can be recoloured and refreshed to suit any environment. We are also expertise in colouring and matching new furniture in accordance with your specifications.

We are artisans working with wood, and since every job is different from one another, it takes skilled trained eyes to match the colours and the grains of architectural wood finish. 

Get in touch with our Adams Furniture representatives, we will analyse your wood surfaces and will make recommendations depending on needs. If you wish you can carry out a complete restoration on your furniture, but often times a complete restoration is not necessary and in that case we recommend one-time refinishing that involves stripping off the old finish, sanding and repairing damaged areas, staining and recoating.

So, why replace your furniture piece when you can give it a new and fresh a look and bring back its glory at a fraction of price. Our name may not see it but we are our wood specialists.

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