Things to know about upholstery furniture restoration

Things to know about upholstery furniture restoration 26May, 2020

Over time upholstered furniture gets older and loses its original beauty due to lack of maintenance. After that as the owner of the furniture you may think to replace it instead of restoring it. Do you have any idea about upholstery furniture restoration? Many people get confused between upholstery furniture restoration & replacement in Hobart. In this blog, we are going to share with you some basic things about restoration & replacement. Let's start the discussion below.

Should you restore your upholstered furniture?
Basically, upholstery furniture restoration depends upon its condition. Apart from that, if old furniture carries sentimental & emotional value, it shouldn't be replaced. Professional furniture restoration can bring back the beauty of old furniture. According to the furniture restorers in Hobart, upholstery restoration is a very economical & reliable process. The restoration also extends the life of your upholstered furniture. However, you should consider some following questions before restoring furniture:

Is your upholstered furniture antique?
Was the furniture created by skilled professionals?
Does the furniture carry an emotional value?
Is it still functional after 15 to 20 years?
Is it very hard to find style, size & shape?

Generally, upholstery furniture restoration is more beneficial as compared to replacement. It is also a cost-effective option to choose from. Apart from that, restoration can also increase the resale value of the furniture.

Hiring professionals vs DIY process
This is another very confusing thing that you should know. Many people in Hobart prefer the DIY process instead of the professional restoration process. However, the DIY restoration process never gives the best result in comparison to the expert restoration process. This is because professional furniture restorers use advanced tools and techniques to restore your old upholstery furniture. Apart from that, if you are planning to restore your furniture by yourself, you never get the proper finishing. Experts do not only bring the proper finishing but they also increase the lifespan of the old furniture. They also offer several types of restoration processes such as french polishing, re-caning, stripping and more. So, hiring professionals can be beneficial instead of DIY restoration.

What is the cost of restoration?
Last but not the least, you need to consider what is the actual cost of upholstery furniture restoration? Generally, the cost depends on 2 major factors. They are fabric type & labour. The premium quality upholstery fabrics are quite expensive as compared to the cheaper one. However, premium-quality fabrics are very advantageous. They are soft & very long-lasting.

So these are the basic things to know about upholstery furniture restoration. Hope you have understood clearly. Upholstery restoration is highly beneficial than replacement. It will never hurt you.

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