The Do’s & Don’ts of Upholstery Restoration

The Do’s & Don’ts of Upholstery Restoration 09Jun, 2022

Furniture is not always a piece of wood, sometimes furniture holds more cherished memories that live on. Thus, discarding furniture when damaged is not always the most feasible option there is. Instead of upgrading to newer furniture, it is wiser when dealing with such delicate pieces of furniture to go for a restoration process. Not just cherished pieces of furniture that need restorations, but restoration is comparatively much more economical than purchasing a new upholstery or any other furniture. A good upholstery will cost you much more when compared to restoration of upholstery in Hobart. But there are certain do’s and don’t’s one must adhere to whenever planning on restoring upholstery in Hobart.


Do your homework - Think about how much a brand new replacement will cost vs restoration and reupholstery. Include in your calculations the cost of labour, the cost of textiles per yard, and, of course, expert upholstery restoration workmanship in Hobart.

Look for seasoned upholstery repairers – Putting your furniture in the hands of untrained people is a recipe for catastrophe, especially if your vintage chair was given to you by your grandmother. It is not worth risking its total demise, so thoroughly examine the repairer's credentials. Do they have the expertise to restore old items? Do they specialise in one era or kind of furniture? Do they have the necessary abilities to recreate delicate pieces of furniture that need to be repaired? These are some important questions, you must be assured about before hiring an upholstery restorer in Hobart.

Do request references — Just like any employer or contractor, you need to know that the individual with whom you are entrusting your products is dependable, competent, and trustworthy. Request recommendations from prior clients from possible reupholstery companies in Hobart, and pay them a personal visit as well before hiring them for an upholstery restoration. Some repairers provide a showroom or an online collection of past work.

Examine samples - Before making a final selection, examine as many swatches and wood polishes as you need to. Feel the materials, consider the colours and patterns, and make sure you're completely satisfied before proceeding. You will most likely have this piece of upholstery or furniture in your home in Hobart for the next 10 years, therefore you must love it! If you like strong or dramatic designs but prefer flat or delicate tones, sleep on them and attempt to picture the piece in your house.


While people get the do’s unknowingly correct, the don’t part is where they must seek help to avoid avoidable mistakes when it comes to upholstery restoration in Hobart.

Do not presume - You should never assume that the upholstery restoration agency in Hobart can read your mind. Do people truly understand what you mean when you say "vintage yet modern" or "strong but with neutral tones"? What you imagine may be completely different from how an expert sees your descriptions. You can't also assume that all re-upholstery shops recover and refurbish. Some only work with textiles. You must be clear and show them exactly what you want if your furniture requires spring and frame adjustments. By communicating clearly and honestly, you can avoid confusion or disappointment.

Don’t Run After Cheap – Never select your upholstery restorer in Hobart or anywhere else based just on price. While not all less expensive solutions are of bad quality, in this market, you frequently get what you pay for. When you reupholster and repair your furniture, you are making a significant investment, so be sure you are investing in quality!

Do not believe that a mere talk or contract will suffice - Make a written record of everything. It does not have to be a formal contract written in triplicate, but a clear 'scope of work,' even via email, will contain topics like pricing, expected completion date, fabric options, patterns, wood stain colour, or any additional service charges, such as delivery.

Do not think every piece is worth restoration- While you may have a certain degree of attachment to some furniture when furniture goes beyond the scope of repair, there’s no point in sending it to an upholstery repairer in Hobart. As it would be quite expensive, and will not last you as much time as it should post-restoration. Thus, it is prudent to look at and understand the age of furniture before sending it to the restorer.

Hoping these tips have somehow helped to get you the upholstery restoration in Hobart of your dreams. We have enlisted some that are basic and came foremost in our mind, but the list can be broadened based on the knowledge of friends and family who have been through the process. But when the restoration was done as per prescription, furniture restoration can certainly give your old furniture a new lease of life.

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