Steps to Restore Old Wood Furniture Through Cleaning, Repairing and Refinishing

Steps to Restore Old Wood Furniture Through Cleaning, Repairing and Refinishing 01Oct, 2021

Saving furniture from becoming functionally extinct is an art, and furniture restoration is the skilled method comprising of several techniques for restoring them. Old wooden furniture are the ones which need to be restored, and while working on the same, the furniture restorers use the following –
• Dust mask
• Work gloves
• Wax and polish remover with 0000 gauge fine steel wool
• Paintbrushes
• Wood dye
• Proprietary chemical stripper and stripping wool
• Fine glasspaper and sanding block
• Tack cloth and lint-free cloth
• Wax polish
• Finishing oil or Wood restorer

How Are the Old Wooden Furniture Restored?
These are the steps, the furniture restorations professionals follow for their trade in Taroona.

1. Preparing For Stripping Back
Since they are working at their workshop, so they work in a well-ventilated space. The professionals use a plastic sheet for coveting the finish on the body and only keep the top exposed so it is not damaged. Using the old brush, they liberally go on applying stripper.

2. The Layer is Allowed to Dissolve
When the wood is being refinished, then the stripper is left on for 5 to 30 minutes to achieve a good result – till the old varnish and polish mix finish has dissolved. The coating composition and thickness determines the length of time. They re-spread the paste in case, the stripper has not removed all the layers. Then it will continue working.

3. The Chemical Stripper is Neutralised
Using a pad of steel wool soaked in white spirit or polish remover or proprietary wax – the wood is neutralized, which follows the wood's grains. They make sure to carefully read the label before they use the chemical, as different strippers need different neutralizers.

4. The Rest of the Table is Cleaned Off
With the cotton rags, the professionals wipe the residues away and leave them for 24 hours. Next, they apply the wax remover to the steel wood pad or else a coarse cloth for cleaning dirt and old polish away, while working in the small areas at a time. Leaving it for a few minutes, the wax is allowed to soften, and then it is wiped away using a clean cloth before it gets solidified.

5. Time to Treat the Tabletop
24 hours post stripping the tabletop, the professionals use a sanding block and a very fine glasspaper for smoothening over the wood fibres raises at the time of stripping process – to work with the grain. By shaking and vacuuming the protective sheet, the dust is removed which could spoil the finished furniture. Using a tack cloth, the top is finally wiped off.

6. The Bleached Wood Areas Are Tackled
Since each furniture to be restored is different, so for the bleached part of the wood due to sun – the restorers apply the mahogany wood dye to achieve a uniform colour on the top. They apply it in a generous amount using a brush while allowing the stain to penetrate. Using a cloth, they wipe the excess away. To ensure the finish is even, they work in a good light.

7. The Sheen and Finish Are Improved While Refinishing the Wood
As soon as the stain has dried, a finishing oil coat is applied with a lint-free cloth or a brush. The oil is allowed to penetrate for 10 minutes, and then the surplus is wiped away before it becomes sticky. Five hours is given before rubbing it gently with the 0000 gauge steel wool before a further coat is applied. The process is repeated. More coats ensure greater durability and sheen.

8. Sprucing Up Using the Wood Restorer
At last, they sparingly apply a good furniture wax in a thin coat over the entire table and left for at least one hour. Then they use a lint-free cloth for polishing it. Since they are the experts in the field, so they take all the precautionary measures for keeping it safe.

Would you want to restore your old wooden furniture and use it like earlier, then make sure to consult the professionals and fix a date to send your furniture to them. Owning all the needed equipment, they will be able to turn the old wood into a new one.

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