Significant Steps for Old Cane Chairs Restoration and For Refinishing By Painting

Significant Steps for Old Cane Chairs Restoration and For Refinishing By Painting 29Jun, 2021

The old cane chairs of your home might become your source of wonder at any time, due to their lost natural color and sheen. But do not worry as with professional help, you can easily make them look better.

Since the cane or wicker furniture are popular for their unique appearance and special abilities in withstanding the wear and tear amount. Basically, the cane and wicker furniture are made out of lightweight wooden cane pieces, which are further weaved together in creating the interlaced wood pattern, that is the crisscross pattern, that will be lightweight and strong.

Often the caned furniture are used for outdoor patios since these do not warp and dry out at the earliest. Nevertheless, these cane furniture are not invincible and eventually, they have to be restored and rejuvenated.

Here is how the professional re-caning experts in Hobart follow for restoring and remodeling the old rattan and cane furniture. Indeed, the steps are the economic instant solution for retouching and refreshing the old cane chairs.

First Step
All the dust are cleaned from the old cane chairs.

Second Step
The copper powder is mixed with clear polish as well as varnish.

Third Step
This paste is then applied with the help of old cloth and rags or else with a brush on the cane chairs or any other rattan furniture.

Fourth Step
The cane lashings are highlighted using silver so the pieces appear having ties with silver.

Fifth Step
If needed, upholstery with a cushion for elegant views and a comfortable feel is added to the wicker furniture.
When the cane furniture have to be painted, then a wood primer along with oil-based paint known as wood enamel paint.

The Steps The Professionals For Old Cane, Rattan, or Wicker Furniture

Step 1
To paint the wicker furniture, the professionals wear their old clothes and cover their face with a mask, because the smell of the paint or primer is very strong. Even they use the safety glass for covering eyes.

Step 2
They spread cloth or newspaper sheet to set up their work area at the place where the furniture has to be painted. Normally, they get it done at the well-ventilated section of their workshop. They begin by placing the rattan or cane furniture on top of the cloth or sheets.

Step 3
The emery sheet of sandpaper is used for rubbing the furniture in order to get rid of the old paints, varnishes, and dirt. Since the scrubbing process is likely to allow more dust, so the more they scrub, the better is the finish.

Step 4
The smoothened surface is now ready to allow a primary coat. A wood primer mixed with the necessary quantity thinner in a mug.
Thinner can only remove the primer, so the professionals make sure they are using thinner in an adequate amount before they begin their work. For the purpose of achieving a good finish, they use a brush for taking the primer and make sure it is not dripping off.

Step 5
Next, they apply the primer coat and get it dried for about 24 hours before the second coat is applied. They follow the same procedure as they had done for the first coat.

Step 6
With both the coats getting dried, they use 180-grade sandpaper for rubbing the entire surface for getting the finish smoother.

Step 7
Then they mix oil-based paint or latex paint in small quantity within thinner and follow the specified ratio as mentioned on the container for applying on the furniture. Once it is completely dried, then they apply another coat. If they think it is needed, then they might apply one primer coat and two paint coats.

Step 8
Once both the coats are dried out, then they apply one varnish coat or else wood sealer for protecting the chair from the impact of dust or dirt and finally helping it in paint retention.

Through the steps discussed here, the re-caning specialists take care to renew the old caned chairs. First, they treat it carefully, and then to refinish, they apply the proper coat of paint for the chairs' protection and even to enhance their appreciative look.

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