How To Make Your Dining Chair Fit Pastel Aesthetic?

How To Make Your Dining Chair Fit Pastel Aesthetic? 06Jul, 2022

These days pretty pastel colours are taking over. You can find a hint of pastel everywhere these days. The pastel storm is real and it is taking over the world by storm. Then how do you think your living door will be spared. While most of us want to keep updated with the latest themes and colour patterns. It is not feasible to change statement furniture like dining tables and chairs all the time to fit the aesthetic. But you can recover your old dining room chairs to meet the aesthetic of today’s age. Keep reading to figure out how to make your dining chair fit the pastel aesthetic?

Check the chair:

Before you start to rip the dining chair apart for recovery, check where it needs repairing. Does it have some joint loose, or some scraped off? Check the framework of your dining chair keenly to look for any scope of repairing it requires. Once this step is over, you can move on to the next step.

Check the upholstery:

Check the upholstery of the dining chair to recover. While the frame of a well-built dining chair is not easily tarnished. But the upholstery gets dirty, stained and affected by day-to-day activity. Thus, can get worn off and stained in places. If the fabric is not in bad condition whereby it must be changed by a new one, you can use a nice pastel cover to match the pastel aesthetic. Thus, you can recover your upholstery without going through the entire process.

Pick a Fabric:

When you want to emulate a certain aesthetic for your dining room, it is the most crucial step. When selecting a fabric for a pastel aesthetic, try to go for colours like sky blue, pastel pink, nude, lavender and mint. These colours work great to exude a pastel aesthetic.

Replace the Foam:

When you are cutting the fabric to replace it with a new one, do not forget to check the quality of the foam. The foam with years of usage depletes in terms of foam density and it is no longer as comfortable as it was once. Thereby, check if the foam must be replaced or not.

Assemble the upholstery:

After all the above steps are done, all you need to do to recover your dining chair to fit a pastel aesthetic is assemble everything. For this step either you can get the help of a professional restorer, or do it on your own.

Once, the recovery of the dining chair project is complete, you will be in awe of how simply the aesthetic of your dining room can change. A simple change can give such an oomph to the room and even elevate your mood.

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