How to Apply French Polish on a Wooden Surface?

How to Apply French Polish on a Wooden Surface? 04Oct, 2019

French polish is known as a high gloss polish that contains shellac. It offers a shiny, glossy and mirror-like finish on the wooden surface. French polishing is mostly ideal for wooden furniture, instruments, strings, etc. Let’s take a closer look at the process of applying french polish.

Step 1: Clean the Wooden Surface
Before starting the polishing operation, you need to clean the wooden surface perfectly. So, you should apply advanced cleaner on the surface and remove dust, debris and all kinds of impurities from it. After that, rub the area with a clean towel.

Step 2: Prepare the Mixture
Once you have cleaned the surface, you have to prepare a mixture. Mix a certain amount of shellac flakes (3 ounces approx) with the denatured alcohol (1 pint) and then keep the solution in a container and seal tightly. You should wear safety gloves while mixing them.

Step 3: Make a Wad with Gauze
After preparing the mixture, you need to make a small wad with gauze and then soak this in the shellac. After that, place the whole thing in a small cotton cloth. You can also use a small piece of bed sheet as well.

Step 4: Add Olive Oil
When the pad is completely prepared, you have to add a certain amount of olive oil by using an eyedropper to your pad. This oil is generally used to keep your pad from sticking and drying. If it starts drying for any reason the add another drop of the oil.

Step 5: Apply the Shellac
This is the most important step to follow. Now, you have to apply the mixture of shellac and alcohol to the wooden surface. You need to apply this in a sweeping or gliding motion. You have to apply the shellac very carefully. Basically, the process is simple. When sweeping the pad on the surface, then each sweep leaves a fine shellac layer. The layers dry very quickly so the sweeping procedure should be proper because poor sweeping can leave the imprints of shellac pad on the wooden surface. After that, make another new pad and then add more shellac and alcohol on it. Now, apply it again on the surface. Once the process has done, wait for drying completely.

Step 6: Polish With Rottenstone
Now, you have to polish the wooden surface with a few amounts of olive oil and rottenstone. So, firstly, sprinkle the rottenstone and then add olive oil drops on the entire surface. Then rub it properly with a small cloth. After that, complete the process by adding a thin protective coat on it.

Now it is concluded that the entire process is very easy and simple. However, you should apply the shellac very carefully. Otherwise, you never get the best result. One more thing you should know that, in Hobart, many furniture companies this service at a low cost.

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