How The Experts Strip Out Finishes from Wooden Furniture?

How The Experts Strip Out Finishes from Wooden Furniture? 18Dec, 2019

Stripping is one of the most necessary steps of furniture repairing. It helps to remove old finishes from the furniture surface. Experts do some necessaery steps to strip out the damaged coating from an old wooden furniture. They use high quality paint stripper. Many furniture repairing companies offer stripping services in Hobart. The repairs strip out the finishes by following steps.

Gathers all tools and supplies:

Experts initially gather all necessary tools and supplies before starting the stripping process. They generally use protective goggles, breathing mask, rubber gloves, sand paper, dust removing brush and paint brush.

Starts from cleaning:

Once the experts have gathered all essential tools, they start removing dust from old wooden furniture. For that they generally use dust removing brush. They also wear a respiratory mask while dusting.

Sands the wooden surface:

After removing dust from the wooden surface, the experts sand it by using a medium grit sand paper. Then they finish the job with the help of fine grit sand paper. This fine grit sand paper helps to smooth the surface and remove the old finish from it.

Prepares the striper:

Now the furniture repairing experts prepare the stripper. Strippers come in different types. They can be liquid or semi-liquid. Experts use the most perfect paint stripper for your old wooden furniture. Sometimes they also use methylene chloride or MC because stripper with MC work very well. It can remove all kinds of old finishes quickly. Experts pour the paint stripper into a bucket for applying on the surface.

Applies the stripper:

After preparing the chemical stripper, the experts start applying a thick coat of it on the wooden surface by using a brush. In some cases, many experts apply the stripper by spraying. The entire process is done very carefully. Experts always wear rubber gloves for protection. They also install a cupboard underneath the surface. It helps to collect drips from the paint stripper.

Scrapes the surface:

Once the experts have applied the chemical stripper, they scrape it by using a plastic or metal scraper properly. The process takes nearly 20 to 30 minutes. After that, they use a wood cleaning sponge or stiff brush to take out the finishes in the grooved areas. The stripping process is almost done. Now the experts add a thin coat of lacquer by using a brush and wipe the surface with the help of a cotton cloth.

Stripping is a simple process. To restore back the original look of an old and antique wooden furniture, removing the old finishes is highly essential and the task can only be done by stripping process.

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