How Should You Decide Between Restoring or Painting Your Old Furniture?

How Should You Decide Between Restoring or Painting Your Old Furniture? 10Sep, 2021

The furniture experts of the renowned furniture restoration company, Adams Furniture Restoration agree that renewing the old furniture through furniture restorations is the better option, other than replacing it with a new piece. Nevertheless, there are instances when the old and severely damaged pieces must be foregone for the new, sturdy and durable pieces. Unlike the burnt orange shag carpet, not every old thing need to end up at the garage as its destination.

The professional furniture experts always caution no wood furniture should be tossed with abandon - and it is supported by a reason. By all means, those wood furniture could still have some instances of servitude features in them, and their potential for greatness cannot be ignored.

So, before you show the door to your old scarred tables, save some time and consult the furniture restoration experts of a renowned firm in Hobart, like Adams Furniture Restoration. On analyzing the condition, we shall find frame a tailored furniture restoration solution to bring back their curb appeal and enhance them with a further dose of shell life.

First, The Visible Current Condition is Finely Evaluated
Evaluation is the key involved in every decision-making process since no rash decision is a wise one. The furniture's current condition must be first evaluated for checking if it is still having life left for being restored to its curb.

While extensive water and fire damages are irreversible, it is possible to recover the mild water damages, on the basis of the furniture’s condition. Loose screws will be tightened, cracks in the wood repaired and peeling paint with new fresh paint coats is a simple fix. When the wood furniture is not far from being repaired, then time and effort should be invested in repairing them. The best move is to hire the professionals of Adams Furniture Restoration to restore the furniture for you.

At the same time, you must even consider all the needs as met by your furniture. Do you use it for holding your clothes, whether they are providing a seat, or else it is serving as a table? When the answers to all these questions are yes, then the professionals will be able to ensure the final furniture piece is able to meet all the exact needs and all that you want. At the time of restoration, the professionals can add drawers, provide cushioning, and add stability. Everything is about how much you are in love with the very furniture piece and would want it to go on with its lifespan.

Signs Indicating How Much the Furniture Need Restoration
A few visible signs are the signs indicating the furniture needs restoration or else repainting. The first signs must be seriously taken into account to save them from being exposed to further greater and potentially irreversible damages. Once you notice these signs, then you need to seek professional help from furniture restoration experts of Adams Furniture Restorations for reviving them soon.

• Flaking and peeling paints
• Uneven stain has worn out
• Visible watermarks or rings
• Uneven or sticky surfaces
• Style change
• Exposed wood

The furniture restoration experts of Adams Furniture Restoration are clear about how should the furniture be carefully restored, refinished, and repainted for ensuring the finished product is both durable and beautiful. They are passionate about reviving the old wood furniture and creating a befitting item needed at your home or office, and ensure the revived furniture pieces satisfy the functional need. Restored and refinished highlights the real beauty of the wood, and repainting bring up decorative style and color. Repainting even hides the imperfections, while enabling versatility in decorations.

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