How Should Leather Quality Be Judged While Furniture Upholstering?

How Should Leather Quality Be Judged While Furniture Upholstering? 09Jul, 2021

Examining the leather carefully is the first step before selecting a leather to upholster the corner sectional, easy chairs, lounges, and sofa. First, the material should be ensured it is genuine leather, and it is not vinyl. Next, it must be certified the leather is of high quality.

A new leather piece is bound to have surface imperfections, its coloration varies and common dark patches are seen. The leather’s natural pores must contain irregular placement and not be spaced perfectly. It is a good way to distinguish real leather from vinyl and faux leather products.

How Do the Upholsterers Judge the Leather Quality At the Time of Upholstering the Furniture?

The expert upholstery professionals belonging to the reputed furniture restoration firm in Hobart, follow certain steps for accurately determining the leather quality to upholster furniture.

i. Smelling the Leather
They smell the surface to find out whether the leather material is full-grain leather or not. In case, the surfaces are emitting an earthly, warm scent similar to the new leather bags or boots’ smell, then this indicates, the leather is a genuine one. On the other hand, vinyl, faux leather, and more such synthetic materials are designed for looking like leather, and these will not bear the distinctive natural scent. Most businesses and homeowners prefer the leather upholstered furnishings suitable for their room interiors since these render a rich luxurious appearance.

ii. They Are Aware of the Leather Dyeing Methods
The expert upholsterers can judge the leather quality as they are familiar with the different leather dyeing methods and their related characteristics. The three dyeing methods are aniline, pigmented, and aniline-protected. The least expensive method involving direct surface dyeing of leather by using the combined protective coating and dye is pigmented. This method might be thrifty and render an unnatural appearance to the leather along with a slightly stiff feel.
A protective sealant is used for completing the protected aniline leather-dyeing method for making the leather surface totally stain-resistant. Still, it can even create a stiff feeling to the leather. If the aniline leather is untreated, then it will offer the ultimate quality as well as a flexible, soft surface texture to achieve beautiful furniture upholstery.

It easily and smoothly conforms to the furniture's shapes and lines for a professional and highly professional look. The commercial rooms and homes will display a superb fashion coupled with excellent upholstery with some furnishings covered in fine quality aniline leather.

iii. Feeling the Leather
They touch the leather’s surface to determine whether it is faux or real leather as the upholstery material. Leather has a plush, soft and luxurious surface, so it is genuine. But if the surface is stiff, lacks the soft, pliable quality, then it is faux leather.

The professional upholsterers are trained and practiced and can distinguish genuine leather from all the synthetic materials. Generally, they refrain from choosing the upholstery combined with genuine leather and vinyl as different materials will be wearing down differently over time. Doubtless, the true leather will be outlasting the vinyl for long-term usage.

So, are you planning to get your chairs, sofas, or any other furniture upholstered, then it is best to consult the upholstery professionals working at the licensed company in Hobart. Being experts in the field, they will provide you with excellent advice regarding fine and genuine leather upholstery. They will select an ideal luxurious leather upholstery for enhancing your office and home furniture as well as the overall interior décor.

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