How Completely Recover Dining Chair – Strip Paint & Change Upholstery

How Completely Recover Dining Chair – Strip Paint & Change Upholstery 08Aug, 2022

Every one of us has that one chair at home that we don’t like. But replacing the dining chair along with the table costs quite much. It is more convenient to go through a recovery process than to replace it. You can even check out thrift stores and garage sales for lowered pricing. But the amount of time, energy and money it takes to recover such dining chairs, it will be much easier and more convenient to start the recovery of the already existing chair.

Step 1:

Remove the existing upholstery to set the frame of the chair free. This will allow us to closely inspect all the nooks and corners of the chair. If any chair needs additional repairing, it can be done at this stage. Before you start stripping the colour and re-paint it, check if the chair is sturdy. If any leg or joint wobbles get it repaired.

Step 2:

You will start with the stripping process in this phase. Here, with a strip wash to strip the chair of its old polish. Read the instruction to know exactly how long you must coat the chair with strip wash before you can scrape it off. Once the strip starts to work its magic, you can use a plastic scrapper to scrape off the colour. It will leave the chair all bare with its original wooden colour. After successful completion of this step in the dining chair recovery process, we can move on to the next step.

Step 3:

Choose a colour for your dining chair that you want to paint with. You can check through magazines or the internet to acquire ideas. This will help you to choose a colour for your dining chair. Look for good quality paint and evenly coat each chair with it. Especially, you are painting the chair with a lighter colour. Try not to unevenly coat the chairs, as it will result in an uneven outcome.

Step 4:

Now it comes to the upholstery, select a fabric that goes with the colour scheme of the dining chair frame. Lay down the material and cut it to fit your dining chair. Staple the new fabric to the upholstery. This is a fairly dirty task in the dining chair restoration process. It will, however, be fixed in the future step.

Step 5:

After stapling, the newly united fabric will have some additional bits and pieces. Trim these fray portions to achieve the perfect appearance. Finally, glue any ribbons or ornamental things that may be utilised to adorn the dining chair.

This is how you can quickly restore the dining chair. It is much easier to recover a chair than to go out to purchase one. If you budget permits and you don’t have time to do all this, consider hiring an expert dining chair restorer for the job. They can help you achieve your dream dining chair without shelling an outrageous amount.

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