Furniture restoration process: Tools and types

Furniture restoration process: Tools and types 11May, 2022

Furniture restoration is a procedure that is primarily used to effectively restore the original finish of the furniture. Professional restorers have extensive knowledge and expertise in this subject. Your furniture may be simply repaired and refinished by them. In this article, we'll go through the most important aspects of the wooden furniture restoration procedure.

Tools and supplies required

Furniture repair is a difficult task. To execute a refinishing or restoration project, professional furniture restorers employ a variety of tools and supplies. Here is a list of materials that are commonly used in furniture restoration services in Taroona.

  • Dish soap, towels and sponges

  • Power sander

  • Paint stripper

  • Eye goggles

  • Lacquer thinner

  • Paint scrapers

  • Epoxy putty

  • Wood stain or paint

  • Drop cloths

  • Multiple grit sandpaper

  • Chemical-resistant hand gloves

  • Wax coating agent

  • Vacuum cleaner

  • Wood sealant, varnish or Polyurethane

These are the most common tools and safety equipment used in furniture restoration jobs. Natural bristle painter's tape, water bucket, stir sticks, clean towels and rags, paint brushes, glue & clamps are all important and suggested equipment.

Types of furniture restoration

The overall quality and condition of the wooden furniture are important factors in furniture repair. The restoration method is typically depending on the state of your furniture, according to experts. In general, the restoration process may be divided into three categories. They are as follows:


The most straightforward method of restoring the furniture's original charm is to rejuvenate it. Professional restorers simply remove the previous finish and clean the timber surface appropriately. The only furniture in good condition can be rejuvenated.


This is a cost-effective and well-known repair technique. Professional furniture restorers use the correct equipment and procedures to fix any large and little dents and cracks without removing the existing finish. The original finish of the wooden furniture is always preserved during the restoration procedure.


A chemical remover and a power sander are employed in refinishing, which is the most powerful approach. The stripper aids in the removal of the present and old finish from the hardwood surface. When using chemical strippers, professionals always wear safety eyewear and gloves.

Signs you may notice before restoration

After a particular amount of time, you may discover several unwelcome indicators on your hardwood furniture. Furniture may lose its original gloss and attractiveness due to a lack of upkeep. Proper repair is required to restore the original finish. Before restoring your furniture, look for the following symptoms.

  • Dark marks & noticeable rings under the finish

  • Blemishes & worn out patches

  • Cracks & dents

  • The finish is chipping off

Experts can quickly restore the original beauty of your wooden furniture, whether it requires a simple refinishing or rejuvenation. Always strive to choose a trustworthy Kingston firm. Good businesses usually provide excellent service at a fair cost.

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