DIY vs Expert Antique Upholstery Restoration: Which is best?

DIY vs Expert Antique Upholstery Restoration: Which is best? 31Aug, 2020

Antique upholstered furniture always carries great value. However, due to lack of maintenance, it loses its original beauty as well as functionality. At this point, some people replace this furniture with the new one & some people restore it professionally. Now the question is which is more beneficial - replacement or restoration? In this blog, we are going to find the answer to this question. Let's start the discussion below.

Should we replace our upholstered furniture?
This is a very common question asked by many people in Hobart. The answer to this question generally depends upon two main factors. The first one is your budget and second is the present condition of your upholstered furniture. Nowadays, many companies offer antique upholstery furniture restoration services in Hobart at a very reasonable price. So, you can hire them to get a complete restoration service without spending a lot. Here are some common factors that you need to consider before you restore the furniture.

  • Is the upholstered furniture an antique piece?
  • Was the furniture designed by skilled & professional furniture makers?
  • Is it still functional after 12 to 15 years?
  • Is it difficult to determine the style, size and shape?

Do you have any sentimental value for it?
If you get the answer to these above-mentioned questions, you will definitely understand the necessity of your upholstered furniture. Apart from that, restoration always increases the value of an old thing. So, if you are planning to sell it, you will get a high resale value.

DIY or restoring professional: Which is best?
There are two ways to restore or repair antique upholstered furniture. They are DIY methods and professional restoration services. Many people prefer DIY methods to restore their furniture but these methods have some limitations. If you have a good knowledge of upholstered furniture restoration, DIY methods are good for you. Otherwise, you will never get the perfect solution. Apart from that, you should know how to use the restoration tools for this purpose. So, it's better to leave the job to the experts.

Professional restoration service is always highly beneficial. Experts have years of experience and skills in this field. They use the right tools and techniques to restore back the original beauty of the upholstered furniture. They will give a brand new look. So, hiring upholstered furniture restoration experts is definitely a good option for you.
It is concluded that professional restoration services are always beneficial as compared to DIY methods. Hope, you get the actual answer to this question. Professional services are reliable, trusted and cost-effective. If you want to restore your antique upholstered furniture, contact a reputable company near you.

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