Different Types of Furniture Restoration Services

Different Types of Furniture Restoration Services 11Dec, 2019

Furniture restoration helps to bring back the original look and improve the longevity of old wooden furniture. In Kingston, many companies offer different types of furniture restoration services like wooden furniture finishing, re-canning, French polishing, upholstered furniture restoration, etc. These services are very cost-effective and offer effective results.

The wooden furniture finishing process

Wood finishing is a popular furniture repairing process in Taroona. This process is used to refine and protect the surface of wooden furniture. Experts can easily restore back the original and classy look of antique furniture by using the wood finishing process. Good finishes can protect wooden furniture and make it long-lasting. In addition, the furniture finishing process can keep wooden surface sanitized and also seals pores. TheĀ  furniture restoration experts in Kingston generally do some common steps like staining, sanding, etc.

Furniture re-canning

Furniture re-canning is an easy and simple antique furniture restoring process. However, in this process, a number of canning materials are used such as splint, rush, Hong Kong grass, etc. Apart from that, many experts also prefer wicker as canning material. The furniture re-canning process can make an old and antique chair beautiful and sturdy. Re-canning experts follow many basic steps in this process. They generally install the canning material vertically, horizontally and diagonally.

French polishing

French polishing is an old and quick way to restore old wooden furniture. It is a type of furnishing process that results in a glossy surface with deep color and chatoyancy. In the french polishing process, the coats of shellac are properly applied on the surface. French polishing experts generally use a rubbing pad to apply the shellac. This technique is also used to polish different types of musical wooden instruments like pianos, guitars, etc. In Sandy Bay, many old wooden furniture can be polished with the help of a french polishing technique.

Upholstered furniture restoration

Last but not least, this restoration process is used to restore upholstered wooden furniture. There are several kinds of fabrics are used in making of upholstered furniture such as cotton, linen, silk, jute, leather, velvet, etc. Due to many reasons like dirt, stains, scratches, these upholstery fabrics are badly damaged. So, proper furniture repairing and restoration can restore back the life of damaged furniture. Repairing experts can easily fix all types of scratches and cuts with the help of basic steps.

These restoration processes are simple and make old furniture new. So, if you have an old piece of wooden furniture then you should contact a reputable furniture restoring company like Adams Furniture Restoration who offers all types of restoration services at a low cost.

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