Consider these things before restoring upholstered furniture

Consider these things before restoring upholstered furniture 03Sep, 2019

We always go for a replacement when our upholstered furniture gets old over time but do you ever think that, is the replacement beneficial or not? Most of the people choose replacement rather than furniture restoration. Basically, when they think about the restoration then they get confused among three common questions. This article will give you the exact answers to these basic questions and guide you in a proper way.

Should you replace your upholstered Furniture?

Basically, the answer to this common question depends upon the piece of your furniture. Is it particularly well-made or valuable? If your upholstered furniture has sentimental value then it should not be replaced. According to the research, furniture restoration is highly cost-effective as compared to replacement. Nowadays, there are many upholstery restoration techniques are available in the market. These techniques are really advanced and economical as well. Still, if you get confused about restoration and replacement then you need to consider some following questions:

  • Is it an antique piece of your house?

  • Was it manufactured by a well-known and skilled designer?

  • Is it still working after 10 to15 years?

  • Does it hold any sentimental value for you?

  • Is it a hard-to-find shape, size, and style?

If you have the proper answer to these questions then you can easily understand, what will be the more beneficial for you. Another important fact is that furniture restoration can increase its resale value.

DIY or restoring professional?

If you have considered restoring your upholstered furniture instead of replacement then the next question surely comes to in your mind that is, who will restore it? Basically, this question has two different answers. First one is, you can do it yourself and another one is, hire a restoring professional. If you can operate a sewing machine and other necessary tools properly then you can easily restore your upholstered furniture at your home.

However, if you do not have experience in DIY repair project then you should definitely opt for a repairing expert. They have years of experience in the restoration field and always work with advanced restoring techniques. Apart from that, if you restore your old furniture by yourself then you never achieve high accuracy. So, hiring a restoring professional is a comparatively better option for you.

How much-restoring cost?

The last but another important question is that what is the exact cost of the upholstered furniture restoration? Frankly speaking, the costs depend upon two major components: labor and fabric. The cost of upholstery fabric usually lies between 20$ to 80$ per yard. Though specialty fabrics are more expensive than traditional fabrics and the labor cost are generally considered by the amount of work done.

Hope, you can get the answers to your questions. Now, the decision is in your hand. However, you should think about upholstered furniture restoration before replacing. Restoration never hurts you.

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