Can the Flood Damaged Furniture Be Restored?

Can the Flood Damaged Furniture Be Restored? 11Nov, 2022

Unfortunate wood furniture, if caught under flood water is sure to undergo damage to a certain extent. If the contact had been direct, then its structure and appearance will undergo distortions. Loose joints and warped wood with some parts cracked become its fate. To add to the woes, the finishes become cloudy and on the whole, it is stained. Such damages start taking severe form from slight within a few days unless the restoration steps are taken on time. Saving them on time is much needed for restoring usability. That is why you will need to consult and appoint the furniture restoration services available in Taroona for bringing it back to originality.  

Professional furniture restorers first inspect to decide the furniture worth restoring before they go ahead to salvage the damaged furniture. The factors influencing the decisions include –

  • The damage extent
  • The furniture price
  • Restoration cost
  • Sentimental value

To be precise, antique furniture pieces are worth restoring in terms of effort, time and expense. The least is drying, cleaning and gluing for the antiques. By no means can their value to reduce.

Professional furniture restorers preserve the antique furniture's original finish. So, they prefer to restore, other than refinishing. Antiques are slowly made to dry out for preventing them from uneven shrinkage. Shrinks will cause the furniture to crack, warp and split. Only experienced furniture restoration professionals can take steps for preserving the overall value of the furniture. To avoid further damage, the furniture should be properly dried, restored and repaired. The entire is the expert procedure.

 What about solid wood furniture? Usually, solid wood furniture can be restored only if it did not end up in the water for a week. Then the damage turns severe. To assess whether it can be repaired or restored, the furniture, and the professionals clean and dry the piece. As the saturated piece dries, it shrinks after expanding. As a result, the joints loosen, causing warping and swelling. The particularly vulnerable ones are the solid panels and tops, particularly when the inside is incomplete. The professionals remove, straighten or replace the slightly warped boards, as per needed. In the process, they use woodworking tools, clamps and related equipment as well as materials.

Now, let us take into account the case of veneered furniture. Valuable veneer furniture is indeed worthy of repairs and restoration. Usually, the veneer furniture is made of core material, like particleboard,  plywood and medium-density fiberboard. Both the fibre cores and particleboard swell on coming in contact with water. That is when the veneered seams fall apart.

The low-pressure laminates and printed vinyl surfaces come out unplugged which even professionals cannot repair. If the veneer loosens only in a few places, then it might be repaired by professionals.

Flood-damaged furniture can be restored and reshaped to structure by professional furniture restoration experts. Being adequately trained and qualified, they know the ideal ways to apply and save damaged furniture. Rely on them to save the furniture from becoming extinct.

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