5 Things to Think About Before Beginning Antique Furniture Restoration

5 Things to Think About Before Beginning Antique Furniture Restoration 30Aug, 2022

If you have antique furniture in your home or tucked safely in your storage cabinet. Chance are there that these antique furniture are no longer in their pristine form if they have not been well taken care of. If you are considering restoring this furniture, you must consider a few factors. Some antique furniture is bought from a garage sale at a throwaway price to restore them and put to use, as an alternative to buying new furniture. On the other hand, there is some antique furniture that is family heirlooms, thus the task of restoring this furniture comes with a lot of consideration. So, before you reach out to a furniture restoration service in Hobart keep these considerations in mind.

Is the wood still of pristine quality?
Most antique furniture is made of solid hardwoods or high-quality veneers. Once you know what type of wood your piece is made of, you can get a better idea of how the finished restoration will look. The most common is oak, but mahogany, walnut, and poplar are also very common. If your antique furniture is painted, try stripping the paint in a small area first to see what you're up against before tackling the entire piece. This is an important consideration to think about before handing over your antique furniture for restoration anywhere in Hobart.

Style of Furniture:
Old furniture comes in a variety of styles and looks. Determine your favourite designs and the general era of the piece. Some styles are more popular than others, but if you're using them for your own home, go for it!

Construction Of The Furniture:
"Would it be well constructed once glued back together?" is another question that could be asked. The joints on vintage furniture should be nice, the construction should be sturdy, and the materials should be of high quality. Sometimes restored furniture that appeared to be sturdy when purchased, but after stripping away the paint, it is discovered that the paint was the only thing keeping it together. However, because of the strong joinery, it glued together nicely to form a sturdy piece of furniture.

Are The Parts Repairable Or Missing Available?
One of the advantages of wood furniture of being readily available. To recreate parts, however, special tools and the ability to make pieces without patterns or plans may be required. New or replacement hardware is frequently expensive, and finding a replacement handle for the one you've lost is nearly impossible!

Sentimental Value:
Sometimes this is the only thing that matters. It is advantageous to have a piece of furniture that can be passed down through generations. It is impossible to replace an heirloom once it has been lost. This is frequently the sole reason for embarking on a restoration project.

Thus, before you send your furniture for restoration to any antique furniture restoration company in Hobart, be certain about these considerations. In forgetfulness of these considerations, it can lead to an outcome that you perhaps never wanted.

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