4 Brilliant Ideas for Leather Furniture Restoration

4 Brilliant Ideas for Leather Furniture Restoration 25Feb, 2021

Leather is highly susceptible to daily accidents and has a tendency to wear the furniture down. Most leather couches owned by different families show a sort of flaws, with jarring being the first. Several flaws as these have good stories to tell. It could be due to the children's activities or else the pet's games on the leathers.

No matter what, these are unwanted instances. That is why, the leather furniture restorations services in Taroona are available, and the involved professionals manage the task skillfully.

i. Fixing the Tears, Punctures, and Holes
The sharp nails and teeth of the pets contribute to the holes and punctures on the leather couches. Before the holes expand to the bigger tears, consult the furniture restoration experts to get them fixed. With the holes being at their prime and punctures still being young, the professionals apply glue to mend them. In fact, glue is a better treatment option for larger tears and trickier rips. For the small tears and holes, the super glue or the leather glue is applied to the tears' sides and the two sides are pressed together immediately for the leather to be joined back with itself and the furniture's inside cannot be seen. The visible glue is wiped off before drying.

ii. Reversing the Faded Colours
The catastrophic Ultraviolet light to the leather upholstery causes fading of the furniture's leather color. Now its fix might be time-consuming, but the professionals apply a trick as two leather colors are not exactly the same. A proper remedy is done when the furniture restorers make use of the leather cleaners for removing dirt on the faded areas. Next, they use a leather conditioner for adding moisture back to the leather. Through conditioning and moisturizing the faded leather, it is effectively re-darkened which allows for better blending. They might use leather dye, if the process does not work, then they try leather dye. The professional furniture restoration experts find out the right leather dye color matching the leather couch. The harder it looks, the reality is much harder and could result in the two-tone couch if the professionals do not handle it. They use the leather dye applicator sponge and are careful while evenly spreading the leather dye across the faded area and it is let to dry. After application, it is let dry for 48 hours.

iii. Reversing the Color Darkening
Now it is time to handle darkening and fading. A few leather darkens over time when exposed to too much body oils or if more leather conditioner is applied. Too many UV rays are catastrophic to the leather furniture, darkening is the way out. As UV rays fade the leather color, exposing the darkened leather to the sun, then the damage is actually reversed. The professionals watch over it carefully and do not overdo it.

iv. Smoothening the Flaky Leather
Often, the old leather couches' finish starts flaking away from using and aging. For the bonded leather couches, a quick fix is not applicable. Reupholstering the furniture with some other fabric makes sense. When the finish chips away, then they sand the flakes away using sandpaper. The professionals are careful about not applying excessive pressure, only the amount for removing the pieces already flaking. Next, they apply leather dye to the surface's uncolored part using the leather dye applicator. They are careful while spreading, as they do not spread the dye on the unaffected portions.

Having the leather furniture restored is not as easy as you will think. Leather has to be carefully handled as a simple wrong could welcome a number of mess and it will raise the repairing cost. So, the wise move is to consult the furniture restoration specialists who are experts at providing detailed advice exact for the particular furniture.

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